Why am I photographing the world around me?  Because I spent my life traveling, growing up in four continents.

Now, I am based in Baden-Wuttemburg, Germany.

I was raised traveling; Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Making sense of what I see, feel, and hear, is what happens when I look in the viewfinder. It's done with an appreciation for the light, the spaces, and the movements in these.

This approach has addressed the needs of clients such as SECURITAS, Sonesta Resorts and Hotles, Specialized Bicycle Components, ZEISS, Florida Crystals, Wyndham Hotels,  L'Express, Chronicle for Higher Education, Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Der Spiegel, Stern, The Times of London, The Guardian, Time, BlueStar Foods, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Citibank.


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What is it like to work with me? 

“Alex Quesada was my go-to photographer when I was the Times’ Central America/Caribbean Bureau Chief between 1999 and 2004. During that time, we worked assignments from Haiti and Cuba to Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

 Much of our work – as in our numerous trips to Haiti – were under difficult circumstances: chaotic news events were unfolding daily, streets were unsafe and roads leading to rural regions near-impassable and often dangerous. Yet in all cases, Alex proved to be a capable and willing colleague, always up to the daunting task of going the extra mile to report the stories others would have passed on. (If you have ever tried going to Haiti’s Central Plateau – as we did for an in-depth report on AIDS/HIV treatment – you know the drive alone can scare off the heartiest wheelman.)

More importantly, Alex is a full partner in the story: he likes to discuss the story’s main themes as we report, so he has a full understanding of the issues, which only gives his images an added dimension. I have found him to be always up on current events, as well as being incredibly well-read on politics and Latin America.

Alex is a level-headed professional with a keen eye, and his work will enhance yours.”
David Gonzalez, Reporter, The New York Times


“Actually, I worked alongside Alex a few times while I was a reporter for NPR in Latin America and in Haiti. And I have to say there are few shooters out there with such steady nerves, good humor, insight and tenacity as Alex. His fine work as a photographer speaks for itself. Just check out his website. http://www.alexquesada.com” March 23, 2012
Gerry Hadden, Europe Correspondent, The World (BBC/PRI/WGBH Boston)

“Alex Quesada and I met on a LA Times assignment in 2004. He handled himself on a complicated and sensitive assignment with a great deal of professionalism. I was particularly impressed by the fact he requested a full briefing on the story before he began to shoot. I later hired Alex to shoot a series of WPA paintings owned by the Boston Public Library. It was so well done that it was the first series put up on their web site. I look forward to upcoming assignments involving WPA art owned by The United States Postal Service, and a workshop in which Alex will demonstrate and teach real estate professionals how to best photograph historic properties. I selected Alex for these given the research and creative energy he brings to assignments.
Susan Parker Brauner, Principal, 

Parker Associate