Dr. Geoff Tabin, co-founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project, with Dr, Matt Oliva (foreground), operating in Aksum, Ethiopia., Cuban Foreign Minister Ricardo Alarcon, ZEISS Meditec corporate board meeting., Hillary Clinton. Presidential candidate in New Hampshire, fresh from her win in Iowa., President-elect Donald Trump, Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguan candidate for president. Plaza de la Revolucion, Managua., Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguan candidate for president., Senator Bob Dole, Senator John Kerry, candidate for President., Generals Cedras and Biamby of the FADH. Port-au Prince, Haiti., Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguan candidate for president., Jeff Kottkamp, Lt. Governor of Florida, at Florida GOP convention, Raul Castro, Honduran President Ricardo Maduro, Fidel Castro, President George W. Bush., Vice President Al Gore., Tony Goldman, art dealer and real estate developer in Miami., U.S. Olympic swimmer, Gary Hall Jr., Hugo Chavez, election day. Caracas, Venezuela., Military attaches at the Argentine military day parade. Buenos Aires, Argentina., Carlos Maenem, ex-president of Argentina,, President Alberto Fujimori of Peru., Fidel Castro, Candidate for president, Bill Clinton., Nicaraguan Vice president Enrique Bolaños., Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Arisitide, Secretary of DefenseDonald Rumsfeld, Candidate for President; Patrick J. Buchanan., Candidate for President; Patrick J. Buchanan., Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida, ex-presidential candidate., Guy Philippe, one of the leaders of the second coup d'etat that removed Haitian President Aristide., George Knox is a leader in the black community of Miami., Raul Castro, James Patterson; author, General Wesley Clark, presidential candidate. NH 2004, Elfidio Cano, anti-corruptio crusader of Guatemala., Cuban Foreign Minister Roberto Robaina..