COMMERCIAL SPACES LEADERS TRAVEL EDITORIAL Young Matador Blind / not blind in Ethiopia
Colombian anti-narcotics military personnel on a dawn patrol through the Putumayo region.
Naty Revuelta was Fidel Castro's lover during the early days of the revolution..
Alina Fernandez, daughter to Naty Revuelta and Fidel Castro
Juanita Castro, sister to Fidel, lives in Miami.
Liceo Opera House. 
Barcelona, Spain.
Port of Havana.
Arrested in Haiti.
An East St. Louis family has just been served an eviction notice.
Cuban factory.
Coca farmers near El Placer, Colombia.
Graduation ceremony of the first U.S. trained Colombian army  anti-narcotics brigades.
USAID officer questions a coca farmer in the Apurimac River Valley, Peru.
Colombia army on a coca lab raid.
Elevated subway.
Queens, NYC.
Final Sandinista rally prior to losing 1990 elections.
Haitian Generals Raoul Cedras & Philippe Biamby, Armed Forces day, 1992.
UN troops on patrol in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Petionville street market, Haiti.
Haitians scour a municipal dump for food discarded by U.S. military.
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