President-elect Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton. Presidential candidate in New Hampshire, fresh from her win in Iowa.
Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida, ex-presidential candidate.
Senator John Kerry
Senator Bob Dole
Senator Bob Dole
Jeff Kottkamp, Lt. Governor of Florida, at Florida GOP convention
Raul Castro
Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguan candidate for president.
Honduran President Ricardo Maduro
Al Gore
Tony Goldman, art dealer and real estate developer in Miami.
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro
Dick Cheney, vice presidential candidate.
Nicaraguan Vice president Enrique Bolaños.
Guy Philippe, one of the leaders of the second coup d'etat that removed Haitian President Aristide.
Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguan candidate for president.
Senator John McCain, campaigning for president..
George W. Bush
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